Upper Retainer

Single Clear Upper Retainer. A new retainer from your orthodontist or dentist can cost hundreds of dollars. Instead you take an impression of your own teeth at your convenience. We then create the retainer for you at a fraction of the cost. If you are not happy with your retainer, we provide a full refund within the first 2 weeks.

Price: 79.00
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All our retainers are made from a material called Essix Plus. It is manufactured by RainTree Essix. Though more expensive, Essix Plus is by far the best product for making clear retainers. It has some of the best properties in terms of durability, clarity, and stain resistance. Some doctors and competitors use a lower cost, lesser quality material. If you decide to not use ClearRetain services, be sure to request Essix Plus from whoever makes your retainer(s).

In addition, we use the latest techniques in positive pressure vacuum forming to create a perfect fitting retainer. If your doctor or a competitor is using a simple "suck down" machine to make your retainer, don't accept them. They simply will not fit as well as they should.

Our retainers are designed to hold your teeth in place and prevent them from moving. If you have lost or broken your original retainer and your teeth have shifted, it is recommended to return to your orthodontists or dentist for assistance.

When you order we ship to you the following items:
  • sets of impression putty
  • 3 sets of impression trays (small, medium, large)
  • 1 shipping box for returning your impressions
  • 1 prepaid return shipping label
  • 2 pages of instructions
  • 1 plastic baggy to protect impressions during shipping

For overviews and instructional videos, please click this link to watch. http://www.clearretain.com/videos.html

“I highly recommend this company for replacement retainers. My daughter needed a new one after her wisdom teeth extraction and this company was excellent. Her orthodontist wanted almost $400 for both upper and lower and this was $119 for both the upper and lower. Super easy and very fast. I also purchased a set for myself after completing Invisalign and couldn't be any happier. Don't be afraid to give it a shot!”

  • 5 stars
  • Posted by Lisa E. 01-10-2017 on our Facebook page

“I had my concerns about this product, but after reading the great reviews below I thought what the heck let’s try it out, and I was not disappointed!! It’s so easy to do your own impressions, and the product turned out great! I got the bottom retainer/guard duo, and it’s so much better than my last wire retainer! I would definitely purchase again, what a great company and awesome customer service, thank you Clear Retain!”

  • 5 stars
  • Posted by Brad H. 10-21-2016 on our Facebook page

“Just received my new retainer today! I LOVE it! Actually going to get a spare made asap. Best $ I've spent in my life and what cost me $79 my dentist wanted $850 for the EXACT same thing. I never review things but this is not only a great deal but easy and fast! Thank you for not wasting $10,000 from my braces.”

  • 5 stars
  • Posted by Misty N. 10-22-2016 on our Facebook page

“My dentist recommended ClearRetain to me. After my daughter got her brace removed and almost immediately lost her retainer. The orthodontist wanted $300 to replace it. I thought this is ridiculous amount of money to pay for a small price of plastic she will probably lose again. So I followed my dentist advice. The retainer fit perfect. U highly recommend this company.”

  • 5 stars
  • Posted by Tammy L. 09-10-2016 on our Facebook page

“Clear Retain is such an amazing company! When you think there is no hope with the cost of retainers at the dentist, there really is hope! My teeth were moving like crazy after braces and my old retainer no longer fit. When multiple dentists telling me it would be $400 plus for a new retainer, I didn't know how I would pay for it. With clear retain charging $119 for both top and bottom retainers, I am able to keep my perfect smile. Thank you Clear Retain! You can see that your customers mean a lot to you!! I WILL recommend you to ALL my friends that need retainers”

  • 5 stars
  • Posted by Megan Y 09-07-2016 on our Facebook page